Registration for The Evaluation Conclave 2017

CoE SA Evaluation Conclave 2017
Well-being and Sustainable Development – New Frontiers in Evaluation

Happiness – or people’s satisfaction of their lives – has become the key indicator of well-being. Many factors contribute to happiness; these include personal factors such as income, health, the freedom to choose life styles etc. Additionally, there are social conditions such as community interactions and governance. The conditions of the environment in which we live also contribute significantly to well-being and happiness.

In the recent times, work has progressed on quantifying happiness; for example, the evaluative happiness, as detailed in the World Happiness Report, looks at overall quality of life and has developed benchmarks. The ultimate aim of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is human well-being examined from economic, social, and environmental objectives, rather than from a narrow agenda of economic growth alone.

Well-being can be easily linked to some of the key SDGs; for example, mitigating poverty (SDG 1), gender equality (SDG 5), working towards equality of income and wealth in society (SDG 10), promoting environmental stability and sustainability, and fostering peace and inclusive society.

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Fee Structure

Participant Category Pre-Conclave Workshops Conclave Attendance at both events
(1)     Individuals USD 275 USD 275 USD 500
(2)    Individuals (early-bird registration – up to 31 March 2017) USD 425
(3)    Members of Community of Evaluators – South Asia USD 140 USD 140 USD 250
(4)    Multilaterals/donors/ governments USD 600
(5)    Citizens of Bhutan (to be paid locally)
·         Individuals BTN 8,500 BTN 8,500 BTN 13,500
·         Students BTN 10,000
(6)    Groups (three and more from the same organisation) (per person) USD 425


Name: Tashi Dorji
Sr. Research Officer
Research and Evaluation Division
Gross National Happiness Commission

phone Number: +975- 2- 333 230 ext 2006

Mobile Number: +975 – 17116393